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"Upon recommendation of my Gastroenterologist 16 years ago, I started colon therapy. I was laxative addicted and
constipated. Lifeline really lived up to its name and today, at 76, I am in better shape, colon wise, than ever".
- Ann G. White Plains, NY

"You facilitated my healing process and made it so much less stressful. You can't put clean water in a dirty tub and expect to be clean".
- Julie G. Patterson, NY

"That was good, it was a really good experience". Tiana D. Harrison, NY

 I was overrun with candidiasis and had been battling it for many years.  After being a regular client at Lifeline Hygienics Colonics, I am thrilled to say that my candida issue is back in balance!  These ladies helped give me my life back and I am so grateful.  Robert B.  Rye, NY

​"I can't wait to see you again, this was fantastic"!
- Samantha G. Mt Vernon, NY

"Out of everyone I've been to, you're the only one who has ever helped me. You guys just care".
- Leslie M. Rye, NY

"I was very nervous for my first colonic but you explained the process to me before and during and helped me feel relaxed. Lifeline has been a tremendous help in my healing journey and has been an important part of my liver flushing process".
- Jen H. Stamford, CT

I had been a suffer of Crohn's disease most of life.  I began doing colonics at Lifeline Hygienics Colonics 25 years ago.  After the first year, I was told that I was misdiagnosed, because there was no longer any sign of the Crohn's.  I still come regularly to make sure it doesn't come back.  The staff are all so lovely and professional.  I recommend them highly.
JP, New York, NY