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We at Lifeline Hygienics have been pioneers in the field of colonic irrigation,serving the New York tristate area since 1993.   Tovah Finman-Nahman is the founder of Lifeline Hygienics.  She is a published author and lecturer and one of the foremost authorities on colon cleansing today.  
We will give you a colonic experience that is unique.  Our knowledgable, fully trained, certified staff are not only concerned about the colonic procedure, we are also concerned about educating you regarding your overall health and well being.  
On your first visit with us, we do a consultation before we do the procedure.  We discuss your diet so that we can recommend things that can help you have more full and regular bowel habits.  
We take a holistic approach, by considering your health history, as well as your stress level or any emotional issues you may have, to guide you to a healthier colon lifestyle.  
We at Lifeline Hygienics are very cleanliness and germ conscious.  We use disposable accessories for our colonics.  We also use natural, medical grade disinfectants to clean with.  You can rest assured that there will not be any cross contamination.
We want you to have a relaxed, nurturing experience with us.  

About Us
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